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 Sponsorship to the Canada’s 150th Special Edition Booklet by Canadian Society for Civil Engineering Hong Kong Branch (CSCEHKB)  


 Sponsorship to the Canada’s 150th Special Edition Booklet by Canadian Society for Civil Engineering Hong Kong Branch (CSCEHKB)  


The Canadian Society for Civil Engineering (CSCE) was founded in 1887 by prominent civil engineers in Canada.  It is a national, not-for-profit, learned society.  With a National office located in Montreal, Canada; CSCE is currently comprised of 21 sections across Canada, and the first overseas branch in Hong Kong, China.  The CSCEHKB was officially incorporated on 21st August 2009 as a non-profitable learned society in Hong Kong.  One of the objectives of CSCEHKB is to promote Canadian technology and help Canadian industry getting into China market and the Asia Pacific region at large.

 In keeping the spirit of the Canada's 150th, CSCE would like to take this meaningful and perhaps once in a lifetime opportunity by encouraging the diversified Canadian business community in Hong Kong for the making of the Canada’s 150th special edition booklet together.

 The booklet will echo the Canada’s 150th celebration happened across the country that will cover some celebration activities successfully organized by the CSCEHKB, and it will also promote Canadian professional ethics and appreciate the support by many and so on.  A special thanks must go to the kind support already received from the Government of Canada, the Government of HKSAR, the local universities and supporting organizations.  

CSCE would have no doubt that the booklet would be a meaningful collection and it will be free of charge!  CSCE plans to publish the around 30-page booklet by 31st March 2018 and it will be uploaded onto the official Canada 150 website under “share your Canada 150 moment”:  As you can see, this online promotion may be one of the key factors for success in business operation.  

CSCE would like to take thisopportunity to appeal for the generous support of this community in this special sponsorship and the “Sponsorship for Advertisement Package”. 

 Should you need further information, please contact us (Kelvin CHEUNG at 9225 0304 / or (OC Chair) KAN Tak-cheong at 2626 1394 /  

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